Stone and a Rose - 2 CD

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Disc 1  1.Stone and a Rose (Radio Edition) 2.On the Edge 3.See the Sun (Electronic Version) 4.Heavy Stone 5.Wishing Well 6.Beautiful New Day 7.Bird of Hope 8.Cry 9.The Machine 10.Mystery of Love

Disc 2  The Stone and a Rose Epos 1.Ouverture (Rose Theme) 2.In the Beginning 3.Stone Theme 4.Morning Dew 5.Rose Ballad 6.In the Labyrinth 7.Stone and a Rose (Classical Version) 8.See the Sun(ClassicalVersion) Conclusion 9.Exposition 10.Development 11.Universal Love 12.Reprise - Finale 13.Epilogue (Rose Theme)

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