Abnormous rage of life I know you’re struggling with

Looking for lights and vital signs in the sky

You wish you’re back on solid ground hopefully

Sometimes it’s even more absurd than before

It’s hard to win an endless fight

You’ve got to swim against the tide

On the edge you stand all alone

Do you hear that voice inside

That helps you through the night

In the end you still got your holy dream

I guess you really do know

Life is just a rose – beware of thorns

Fighting through the floods of time – passing by

Surrounded by outrageous waves

– to set you free                                             

Are you really strong enough

To take a tight rope walk

On the edge you stand and live your dream

So when you rise and fall again

Another chance to break away

In the end you’re here like a fool?rel=0&

It’s all right – it’s all right..