2007 Chestwood Music Production                       In den Warenkorb


1. Welcome / Wizard Dance 05:15
2. Magic Tonight 04:23
3. Thank You 04:04
4. Wizard For A Day 04:20
5. Little Piece Of Heaven 03:42
6. Still In Love With You 04:15
7. To The Centre Of Love 05:17
8. How Long 03:17
9. We Can't Live Forever 09:11
10. Wizard Dance Reprise 05:18


All songs by Steff Bürgi
All lyrics by Chris Bürgi

Steff Bürgi Vocals / Piano / Keyboards
Chris Bürgi Guitars / Bass / Sequencer programming
Josef Kissling Drums
Adrian Wirz Bass
Sabine Hasler Vocals / Backing vocals
Andi Hürzeler Saxophone
Sabse Kaufmann Backing vocals
Marianne Henzi Backing vocals
Michael Wernli Percussions / Backing vocals

Recorded and mixed at Chestwood Studio, Kestenholz
January 2006 - March 2007
Produced by Chris Bürgi
Mastering by Simon Heyworth at Super Audio Mastering (Devon/UK) and Charles Widmer, Dietikon
Cover and booklet design by Anita Bürgi