1991 IRRmusic


1. Body And Soul 04:35
2. Cherie 04:15
3. Forbidden Fruits 03:22
4. The Train 04:00  
5. Think I'm Crazy 05:07  
6. 1989 - People In The Street 07:11  
7. Somewhere... 01:58  
8. Big Holidays 04:21  
9. Dolce Vita 01:07  
10. Behind These Walls 04:33  
11. Gazing At The Stars 02:29  


All songs by Steff Bürgi
except "Dolce Vita" by Peter Krattiger
All lyrics by Chris Bürgi

Steff Bürgi Vocals / Keyboards
Chris Bürgi Guitars
Peter Krattiger Acoustic Guitars
Curt Cress Drums
Piano Palladino Bass
Daniel Küffer Saxophone
Jane Bogaert Vocals
Peter Weihe Guitars
Hermann Weindorf Keyboards
Ken Taylor Bass
Raoul Walton Bass

Choir: Hermann Weindorf, Peter Bischoff, Bertel Gebhard, Jacky Carter, Christine Seargent, Frida Goodlet, Dave Denham

Produced by Curt Cress
Recorded 1991 - 1992 at Pilot Studios München and Ebony Studio, Wohlen
Pre-Productions by Irrwisch at Double-6-Studio, Niederdorf
Mixed by Bernie Staub
Mastered by MSM Studio München

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